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Control Panels

Standard Panels

Genlite Standard Control Panels for DG sets are made of powder coated sheet metal of 18 gauge or higher thickness. The Control Panels ensure automatic shutdown in case any fault is detected. In addition, all control panels in the 15-600 kVA are supplied with digital meters.

The Control Panels come with features depending on the genset/generator’s rating or range. On gensets with rating from 125 kVA and onwards, the control panels are fitted with electronic earth fault relay.

Digital Meter Features

Features on the digital meter are as follows:

Genset Rating Features on Digital Meter
15-150 kVA Digital meter showing Amps, Volt and frequency in three screens
63-160 kVA Digital meter showing Amps, Volt, frequency and KWHr (energy)
Above 180 kVA Digital meter showing Amps, Volt, frequency and KWHr (energy), Power Factor and Kilowatt

Electrical Circuit Protection Device

Genset Rating Electrical Circuit Protection Device
15-45 kVA MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)
50-400 kVA MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker)
500-600 kVA ACB (Air Circuit Breaker)

AMF Panels

The Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Control Panels are specially designed panel for standby generators. The AMF Control Panel consists of a state of the art microprocessor-based AMF controller for monitoring, indicating and controlling the Mains and Generator for AMF operation.

How it Works

AMF panel and generator packages are designed to provide emergency power during a mains supply failure. During operation, the control panel of the AMF monitors the mains entering the building. If a mains failure occurs, the panel will disconnect the mains from the load, the generator is started and its output connected to the load (which is the appliances, lights, etc in use within the factory/office/house at the time of mains failure). The generator continues to supply the building until the mains supply returns. The generator then automatically disconnects, stops and the mains is re-connected to the load.

The AMF panel reverts to the standby mode ready to respond in the event of another mains failure. With the generator in 'Auto' mode, the incoming main is monitored continuously. If the mains voltage falls outside the preset limits, a 'mains failure' has occurred and the process of starting the generator set is initiated. 

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